About casino bonuses

When deciding to join a casino online, most operators will thank you with a welcome bonus, but you may choose an option not to take bonus. There are no rules that when you join, you must take out and use a bonus. Most of the time, an operator will follow up after your registration with a bonus offer to encourage you to take it. Keep in mind that you can refuse any bonuses made available to you.

The online casino and iGaming industry is a very competitive one. There are hundreds of online operators looking for new players to join them. They hope to stand out from the crowd by offering a unique, and tempting welcome offer. How and why is this done? Essentially, it is to get you to join them over a competitor’s site. When looking at the welcome bonuses available, it is important to know that bonus arerarely free or without some form of terms and conditions. There are also lots of different types of bonuses available, with the majority looking to increases your game bankroll – this seems like an advantage, but it can also imposes a number of obligations on players, including making them spend a set amount of time playing in the casino.

Online Casino Bonuses

Of course, you can play and use a bonus, follow all the rules and conditions associated to it, and withdraw your bonuses. In any case, before playing with any bonus, you should first study the terms of use to know what to expect, before spending a long time playing there.

Types of bonuses in online casinos

Here is a quick look at the different types of bonuses available in online casinos. You can read more about each of them in the “Knowledge Base” in the section on “Types of Casino Bonuses”.

  • No deposit casino bonuses
  • Free Spins bonuses
  • Free Play bonuses
  • Free Roll Bonuses
  • Deposit casino bonuses, match bonuses
  • High Roller bonuses
  • Cash Back casino bonuses


Groups of casino bonuses:

  • Welcome casino bonuses: this is a general classification for all bonuses issued for registration.
  • Casino bonuses for VIP players: this is a reward to clients who have made a sufficiently large number of deposits at the casino. They are expressed in higher values ​​of comp points, the frequent issue of no deposit bonuses, reduced wager sizes and other “good things” for a non-ordinary player.
  • Monthly (weekly, daily) casino bonuses: these include any type of bonuses issued every month (week, day) – i.e., on a regular and ongoing basis, but under certain conditions (most often, it should be making more or less permanent deposits). They are individual for each casino.
  • Exclusive casino bonuses: these are clearly “affiliate” bonuses that can only be obtained on any specific affiliate sites. However, you cannot get such bonuses just by entering the casino through an affiliate link without registration.