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Loading...Georgia is one of the few countries in the South Caucasus, where gambling is perfectly legal. Gambling industry in the country dates back to the days of the NEP, when the first casino opened in Tbilisi. However, they existed long (three years) and gradually turned its activities by May 1928, when all gambling activities in the territory of the Soviet Union was banned.

At that time, both in neighboring Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan, the gambling business is in a very difficult situation, Georgia casinos are open to all comers. Nevertheless, the issue of gambling and in particular the problems associated with gambling, is constantly rising. The country regularly been talk among legislators and ordinary citizens about the negative side of gambling.

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The general opinion of the population about gambling positive, many people choose gambling as one of their favorite activities. A recent case study confirms that the Georgian population positively related to gambling. Georgians understand that casinos attract much-needed foreign capital, and with it the tourists players.

The Georgian Parliament is currently considering a draft law aimed at minimizing the negative effects of gambling. The proposal mainly relates to the restriction of access to the casino and other gambling institutions of the local population, taking into account salary. It is proposed to allow gambling only to those citizens whose salary reaches at least 500 GEL, and who have not less than 5000 GEL on their bank accounts. The proposal is still under consideration.

Online gambling in Georgia

Online gambling in Georgia is absolutely legal. A special feature of this sector in the country is the fact that virtually all land-based casinos have their online casino sites. The online gambling industry of Georgia operates a number of local and foreign operators, since the conditions for obtaining a license in accordance with the law of online gambling in Georgia are quite simple. Play a game of online gambling in Georgia can be special interactive clubs representing rooms with computers connected to the Internet and set stvu local and foreign online casino sites.

Georgians love to play at online casinos in such clubs, but now more and more people are using for this purpose their home device – computers, mobile phones and so on.

Recently, the Parliament of Georgia considered the initiative to ban advertising of gambling in the country. In the event that the proposal will receive the force of law, and restrictions also affect online gambling. Also, the proposal provides for more stringent control over the participation in gambling of persons under the age of a minor, and higher fines for any misconduct on the part of operators.

Georgia Online – Gambling in Georgia

Georgia Рis a sunny country with beautiful nature and excellent conditions for recreation and tourism. Local folklore and gourmet cuisine, as well as the hospitality of the people attracted to this country with people from all over the world. The conditions for gambling in land-based format, and the online allow enough to enjoy the game. But we will talk about later. So, CasinoToplists sent to Tbilisi!


Casino in Georgia:

  • ¬†¬†¬†The history of gambling;
  • ¬†¬†¬†Land-based casinos games in Georgia have a presence on the Internet;
  • ¬†¬†¬†There are both Georgian and international operators;
  • ¬†¬†¬†It is considering a bill to tighten access to the resources of international online gaming operators;
  • ¬†¬†¬†How to play the online casino?¬†Step-by-step instruction;
  • ¬†¬†¬†Location Georgia and brief historical background;
  • ¬†¬†¬†Attractions Tbilisi;
  • ¬†¬†¬†Interesting facts about Georgia and Georgians;


Online gambling in Georgia – historical background

Before we describe the current state of online gambling in the country, we offer brief acquainted with the history of gambling in Georgia.

Year Changes in laws and
1801 Р1922 Georgia is a part of the Russian Empire and follows its requirements with respect to gambling. In 1918, a brief period of independence, and in 1922, together with Armenia and Azerbaijan became part of the Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In 1920 in Tiflis has 2 casinos and opened its own factory for the production of playing cards. Article 235 of the Criminal Code of the GSPC against the organization of illegal gambling activities Рimprisonment up to 3 years, and possible confiscation of property.
1959 Tbilisi offers racetrack betting with. Many illegal gambling business.
1990 Gambling business receives legal status.¬†The first casino ¬ęOri Juja¬Ľ in Tbilisi.
1991 Georgia gets independence. Sosbstvennoe attitude towards gambling.
1992 President Zviad Gamsakhurdia issued the first regulation “On improvement of the rules of lotteries and other gambling in the Republic of Georgia.”¬†The issuance of casino licenses.
1997 Tax code.
2000 President Eduard Shevardnadze introduced a bill to ban gambling. The project was rejected. At this point in Georgia operates more than 20 casinos, 18 of them are in Tbilisi.
2002 Law 1426-Sun “On the basis of the issuance of licenses and permits for business.”¬†New conditions for the issuance of licenses and permits.
2003 Eduard Shevardnadze, once again attempts to ban gambling business, but it succeeded by President Mikheil Saakashvili in 2004. The state monopoly on the lottery.
2005 Law ‚ĄĖ 1180 “On the organization of lotteries, gambling and other profitable games.”¬†It operates to this day, with numerous amendments.
2014 The country has 94 gambling enterprises. Most open casinos and betting shops in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi follow him. Besides Georgian citizens among directors are citizens of Russia, Turkey, Armenia and the United Kingdom.
2000 Р2017 Online gambling. Almost all land-based casinos, which have official licenses, opening their web sites with online games. International operators games are freely available.

(Information taken from the books Eugene Kovtun “The excitement in the country of the Soviets”)


In which direction the online gambling business?

Most likely, in the long term in Georgia will be developed a draft law on online gambling to foreign operators. They are the weakest link in the issue of control over gambling by the state. Land and online casinos will be obliged to more carefully check their players for the age of majority, as well as developing a system to combat gaming zavisimostyu- Gamblers.


That in fact these laws mean for the player?

  1.   There is Georgian land-based casino? Look for it also in the online format. Organization of online casinos without adequate terrestrial analogue with a valid license on the territory of Georgia is prohibited. That is, if you play in the Georgian operator in Georgia has no casino of the same name Рit is not legal;
  2.   You can play in any international online casino , which has its own license. It is not contrary to the laws. International operators are not blocked, as it happens, for example, in the Russian Federation.

Actually, you can play in a casino without a license, but then you do so at your own risk.

Conclusion: The online player can choose between land-based casinos Georgia represented in the online format and international operators.


How to start playing online casino in Georgia?

  1. Choose an online casino . How to protect yourself when choosing an international operator? Take advantage of our list of trusted casinos. It is located in the right column.
  2. Learning conditions . Examine all information on the website of online casino (license conditions of deposit and withdrawal options, bonuses and wager whether there is a feedback from the casino (online chat, address, telephone numbers).
  3. Read player reviews about this online resource in the network. Remember, not all reviews are real, and can be customized.
  4. Money Talks . What are the casino offers options for adding or withdrawing funds? ( By WebMoney , credit cards and debit cards via Visa ,  Yandex , etc. What are the terms of withdrawal of funds? What is right for you?
  5. The range of games . What a variety of games offered, this casino? Is there something that will suit you and you like?
  6. Free games¬†.¬†When the opportunity to play in the first test mode, try to do it.¬†Just on the “wrappers”.¬†So it will be more clear if you play and whether it fits like.¬†In addition, in some games, such as baccarat or keno is not superfluous to read the rules in advance.¬†We invite you to learn about possible diffe and strategy game that can help you better control and spend your bankroll.

Location Georgia and brief historical background

Georgia is located in the Near East, it has an outlet to the Black Sea. Nearest neighbors states are Russia , Armenia , Turkey , Azerbaijan .

The current territory was densely populated even here the II millennium BC The Golden Age of Georgia took place in the reign of Queen Tamara in XII-XIII centuries. Until the government repeatedly broke up the current time, it enters the war, the military and political alliances. Their present outlines acquired in 1918. There followed years in the USSR.

In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia became independent again, and in 1992 joined the United Nations. Today, the country is home to around 4.5 million people. He is president Giorgi Margvelashvili and Prime Minister РIrakli Garibashvili.


Georgia on the map of Asia

Georgia on the map of Asia


Tbilisi attractions

  1. Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi¬†.¬†This is the name of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi.¬†Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Elia Hill.¬†Young Orthodox church, designed by Archil Mindiashvili – one of Tbilisi’s most beautiful buildings.
  2. Nerikala . Address: Mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi. The oldest fragments of the fortress complex belong to the IV century.
  3. Turtle Lake . Location: the northern slope of Mount Mtatsminda, 3 km from Tbilisi. A popular holiday destination, which is the cable car.
  4. Anchiskhati . Address: st. Shavteli, 9, Tbilisi. The oldest Georgian Orthodox Church in the country, dating back to the VI century. According to legend, it was built even with the king of Iberia Villas Udzharmeli.
  5. Keshvati . Adress: Shota Rustaveli, Tbilisi.. The Orthodox Church of St. George the early twentieth century.


Interesting facts about Georgia and Georgians

  • Georgia – a country name, which came from the Arabic language.¬†Self-designation is Sakartvelo.
  • Iberia – it was the name of the territory of Georgia in the III century BC.¬†e.¬†Today is the name of Spain, and this is no accident.¬†The ancestors of the Spaniards came was from Georgia.¬†Unique to Europe, the Basque language is similar to Georgian.
  • Russian language is not very popular in the country, it is understood mostly older people.¬†For non-Russian youth better handle on English.
  • On the remains of people age 1 million. 770 thousand years, Georgia found, as well as the ancient thread, which 34 thousand. Years.

Regulation of gambling in Georgia is engaged in service revenues Рa special body under the Ministry of Finance. Its objective is to create an environment conducive to business, as well as the formation of simple and clear tax on gambling.

The laws on gambling in Georgia
Georgia Revenue Service

Gambling legislation of Georgia is based on two main principles:

  • ensuring fairness and openness of the industry;
  • protection of children and vulnerable persons from harm, which can cause gambling.

Organizing gambling in Georgia, the entrepreneur can choose one or more areas of work include a casino, slot machines, table games, sports betting, bingo, lotto and lotteries. Issuing permits, as well as the regulation and control of the organizers of gambling carries Revenue Service (United Tax and Customs Administration).

By law, all the permits to open gambling in Georgia can be obtained in electronic form, there is no need to attend the tax administration. The document is valid for five years for a casino slot machine halls, betting offices or firms with bingo or bingo, and one year in the case of lotteries. Companies that received permission for a casino or slots, may request the document separately for desktop gaming. It will be valid until the period came the main resolution.

Casino in Georgia: Taxes

The law provides annual and quarterly charges for different types of gambling. Annual fee for the permit Рit is a fixed amount that is paid in equal installments on a regular basis. Quarterly charged four times a year for each object used for gambling. Their amount varies depending on the field of gambling and the region in which the institution is located.

Tax rates in Georgia

Tariffs very variability. Most of these are affected by the location of the institution, for example, taxes in Tbilisi, much more than in other places, but the interest in gambling are higher. For permission to open a casino here in Georgia will have to pay GEL 5 million a year on slots -. GEL 1 million The owner of the local casino to open three of the club board games without any annual tax in the region, as for slot machines Рthe same club.

Some Georgia casinos are fully exempt from the annual payments. In Batumi, Kobuletti, Khelvachauri, Anaklia and Ganmukhuri can not pay the tax, building from 80 to 100 hotel rooms near. In Gudauri region, Kazbegi, Bakuriani, Tskaltubo and Sighnaghi casino completely freed from it. In the picture the blue color indicates those institutions that receive benefits for 100+ built rooms, red Р80+ rooms, green Рin all Georgia

Internal Revenue Service will charge some extra payments to gambling:

  • tax on personal income (wages) – 20%;
  • property tax – up to 1%;
  • Corporate income tax – 15%;
  • tax for the responsibility, held during the tournament – 20%.

Clubs desktop gaming, slot machine halls and sportsbooks released from the obligation to install cash registers for accounting rates. They should use them only if you provide additional services, such as selling drinks or food.

permitting time for the gaming business in Georgia Р20 days. You can get it for free. If the document is required urgently, it is possible to pay GEL 400 ($ 160) Рit will be ready within 10 days, GEL 800 (320 $) Р5 days or GEL 2 thousand ($ 800.) Рfor 1 day.

Online Casino Georgia

Separate permits for the organization of online casinos are not issued, as do such projects can only be owners of real institutions with a license. They have the right to manage the site with casino, slots, sports betting and lottery drawing. Foreign competitors they do not threaten Рto offshore companies by law are prohibited from gambling in Georgia, so promising market is completely free for local entrepreneurs.

According to the results of operation of such sites pay quarterly fees. Their size is determined by the local administration. It varies in between 30-60 thousand GEL. ($ 12-24 thousand.). In addition, accrued additional taxes listed above.

At this point in Tbilisi issued 3 authorization Batumi – 11 (four of them institutions which have recently constructed a hotel room) in Tshaltubo – 5 and Kazbegi – 1. Thus, the slot machine room 72 formally operate on gaming laws Georgia 107 betting shops, companies with 3 bingo or lotto, 41 and 3 lottery gambling club.

For all the information provided editorial News of Gambling thanks Theon Shiukashvili Рthe Senior Service of Georgia income. She has performed at the gaming Georgia Congress as a speaker, he has a decade of experience in the national tax authorities and responsible for issuing permits for the organization of gambling in Georgia.

Having gained independence, Georgia has committed itself to upgrading the gaming industry. The favorable geographical position, the absence of legislation the ban on gambling, as well as loyalty to the gaming industry by the majority of political forces, the low level of corruption, ease of doing business, comfortable conditions of taxation provide gambling Georgia a number of advantages.

Legal regulation of gambling and casinos in GeorgiaThe current Georgian legislation enables legally exist all types of gambling activities. Among the main species Рthe casino, bookmaking business (including betting), lottery, slot machines parlors, gambling clubs. In the online segment, the law allows the organization of casino, betting and slot machine parlors.

Features of the organization of gambling in Georgia is that the device system-electronic games must have a real presence of (ground) gambling establishment.

Gambling business in Georgia is regulated by these legal acts:

  • Georgia law “On the organization of lotteries, gambling and profitable games” from 25.03.2005 ‚ĄĖ1180;
  • Law of Georgia on “Licenses and Permits” dated 24.06.2005 ‚ĄĖ1775;
  • Georgia Law “On licensing and licensing fees” from 12.08.2003 ‚ĄĖ2937;
  • Law of Georgia “On the collection of gambling” from 29.12.2006 ‚ĄĖ4250;
  • Tax Code of Georgia from 17.09.2010 ‚ĄĖ3591;
  • Joint Order of the Minister of Finance and Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia “On approval of rules for owners of performance testing permits gambling and other profitable games” from 14.12.2011 ‚ĄĖ611-1013;
  • Order of the Head of the Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia “On Approval of the Regulation” On the procedure and conditions for obtaining the information, its systematization, the Georgian Financial Monitoring Service processing and transmission by the organizers of lotteries, gambling and other profitable games “and” On the order and conditions of obtaining the information, its systematization , the financial monitoring Service of Georgia processing and transmission by the casino “from 28.07.2004 ‚ĄĖ94.

Conditions for obtaining authorization

In Georgia, quite loyal procedure and requirements for obtaining a permit (license) for the organization and conduct of gambling.

Legal regulation of gambling in GeorgiaGet permission can companies registered in Georgia, and the owners of these companies can be both citizens of Georgia and foreigners alike.

The issuance of permits for gambling carries Revenue Service of Georgia. The grantee must submit the necessary documents in scanned form with the help of the IRS web page.

Recipient resolution chooses term delivery of the document depending on the set charging legislation for 1 workday – GEL 2 thousand / $ 830, 5 days – GEL 800 / $ 330, 10 days – GEL 400 / $ 365, 20 workers. days – free of charge.

The list of documents required to obtain a permit, a sufficiently large and depends on the specific form of gambling.

Applicant permission to organize betting, lotteries, promotional lottery submits to the Georgia Revenue Service:

  • an extract from the State Register;
  • document which confirms the payment permit fee;
  • contract between the grantee and the person or institution that produce tickets lucrative games (except games, organized in a system-electronic form), indicating the number of tickets made;
  • conditions (regulations) of the organization profitable games;
  • sample ticket profitable games (except games, organized in a system-electronic form);
  • in the case of the organization of betting – a document that confirms the provision of the prize fund is not less than 10 thousand GEL / $ 4, 15 thousand .;.
  • in the case of the organization of totalizator in systemic-electronic form (online game) – the order of system-electronic game, which should be specified: the actual address from which will be managed profitable games and their organization, the list and the inventory of games, location (s) and the deadline for payout, the information on the prohibition of play at the individuals who are under 18 years of age.

To organize and conduct games of chance on the Internet (online) to the organizer of the game, you must have permission for the “ground” of the game (offline).¬†After receiving permission for the game offline, the owner of this permit has the right to apply to the Internal Revenue Service of Georgia for permission to carry out online games with the provision of the above list of documents.

Authorized to engage in activities for the organization and conduct of gambling in Georgia is valid for 5 years.

Organization and regulation of gambling in Georgia

Permit fees

Payment for the issuance of permits for the organization of gambling in Georgia is carried out annually. First, the grantee pays for the first year of operation, and then every year renews the authorization by making another payment.

The fee for the permit depends on the location of the activity in the field of gambling.

The fee for a permit to organize gambling in Georgia

The lowest fee for a permit to conduct gambling activities carried entities that organize this kind of business in the resort areas.¬†This policy is aimed at the development of Georgia’s tourism infrastructure.

Thus, casinos and other gambling establishments in the resort cities of the country (Borjomi, Batumi, Kobuleti) enjoy significant benefits in establishing the board for permission to conduct business.

In particular, the annual rate of remuneration for permission to organize a casino in Batumi is 250 thousand GEL / $ 103.6 thousand, while in Tbilisi -.. GEL 5 million / $ 2 072 250. In this case, if the recipient has the permission to organize casinos in Batumi placing the institution on the territory of the newly built hotel with the presence of no less than 100 rooms, it is exempt from payment for authorization to 10 years. In addition, permission is given for free at the casino organization Kazbegi municipalities territories, Tskhaltubo, Sighnaghi.

The situation is similar to the size of the board for permission to conduct other types of gambling (lotteries, sports betting, gambling clubs).¬†For example, the fee for a permit to organize a bookmaker in Tbilisi is GEL 200 thousand / US $ 8.3 thousand per year, while in the territory of administrative districts of Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi -… The whole 80 thousand GEL / $ 33.2 thousand . in year.

administration charge

In addition to the annual fee for authorization of gambling, the subject of such activities pays an administrative fee, the amount of which is determined depending on the institution and the scale of a quarter:

  • with each slot machine – GEL 1,5-3 thousand .;
  • with each table casino – GEL 15-30 thousand .;
  • with each table gambling club – GEL 3-10 thousand .;
  • per game in a system-electronic form – GEL 30-60 thousand .;
  • with each cash register or profitable for the casino games in the system-electronic form, which is located outside the object organized, according to the resolution, for games of chance or profitable – GEL 1-1,5 thousand .;
  • with each promotional drawing – 10% of the prize pool.

The fee within the designated limit is set by the local administration.


On the holder of the permit, which is not properly perform contractual terms imposed a fine and a primary requirement to streamline its activities in accordance with the due permit requirement, within the time limit set by the body which issued the permit. Fines GEL varies from one thousand. to 10 thousand. / $ 415-4150.

If the holder of the authorization, which were set deadlines to bring it into line permitting requirements are not fulfilled this requirement, it imposed a second penalty in the amount of three times. If after the end of the deadline, with the second imposition of a fine day, the permit holder has not fulfilled the conditions of permits, the amount of the fine is tripled. If the holder of the authorization will not enforce the licensing conditions, the decision on cancellation of the authorization.

If the subjects of gambling does not want next year to continue the activities that anticipate a resolution, it is enough for the 5 business days before the end of the annual payment to notify the Internal Revenue Service, which cancels the authorization.

The mechanism of control operators

The main government bodies that monitor the execution of the permission of the owners of gambling requirements stipulated licensing conditions, are the Internal Revenue Service of Georgia, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs and Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia.

The Ministry of Finance regulates gambling in Georgia
Ministry of Finance of Georgia

Within its competence, the administrative bodies shall observe and apply the methods of administrative response to violations of the subjects of gambling activities. Common are checking Revenue Service regarding the proper and timely payment of taxes. The Interior Ministry controls the fulfillment of the requirements of the law regarding the availability of devices in each institution for surveillance. Also monitored compliance with operator requirements regarding timely payment penalties (if they were imposed). An important object is to provide a test of casino cash game players in the debt for interest rates, which is strictly prohibited by law. If such violations have been established, holder of an authorization for the organization of gambling will have to pay a big fine. In the case of recurrence of this violation is possible revocation with criminal liability management of the gambling establishment.

Taxation of gambling

Georgia – a country with a clear and transparent tax policy, with a low tax burden.

Bookmaker activity in Georgia is taxed in such a way that each operator who has permission to conduct this type of business, pays 5% VAT rate bets. This tax burden is not critical for the holder of the permit. However, representatives of the betting business are inclined to think that a more optimal would be a tax of 15-20% of gross gambling profits.

Controversial is the situation with taxing other activities in the field of gambling (casinos, lotteries, and so on. N.). Business entities pay taxes at a rate of 15% of the net income of its activities. Thus, they are in the same conditions as other business entities on the territory of Georgia Рthose are activities that are not related to the provision in the gambling industry services.

Specifics of gambling

Article 35 of the Law of Georgia “On the organization of lotteries, gambling and profitable games” establishes a number of restrictions for the owner’s permission to conduct gambling.¬†For example, are not permitted lotteries organization of gambling and profitable games (except promotional lottery), as well as the sale / distribution of lottery tickets, gambling and profitable games (except promotional lottery tickets) in the children’s medical and educational institutions, houses of worship, children’s sanatoriums, libraries, museums, office buildings of state and local authorities, as well as in places prohibited by local authorities.

It is forbidden to participate in gambling persons who have not attained 18 years of age, and to play in a casino is 21 anniversary.

Legal regulation of gambling in Georgia in 2016An additional mechanism for social responsibility of the operators of gambling is to control the amount of cash that participants spend gambling, from the Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia. Each organizer of a game of chance is obliged to inform the representatives of the people of the service, who spend on gambling more than GEL 3 thousand. / $ 1243 per day. Service for not providing this information to the operator may be fined in the amount of GEL from 2-6 thousand. / $ 830-2490. Worthy of attention is the creation of the Financial Monitoring Service of the so-called black list Рa list of persons who are prohibited from participating in any gambling in the territory of Georgia. This list mainly comprises representatives of various international terrorist groups and criminal gangs.

For several years in Georgia there are discussions about the need to ban gambling ads on television, radio and other media. But now the thought about the negative impact of such advertising does not find support for the general population.

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